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18 th Century Rococo, the Enlightenment, Neoclassicism, Romanticism and Photography Study Guide Stokstad Chapter 26-27, pgs 898-969, 1007-1009 Gardner Chapter 25-26, pgs 886-964 Rococo Vocabulary History paintings Salons Arabesques Volutes Fête galante Vanitas Genre painting Academies Avant garde 1. Rococo is often seen as a reaction at all levels of society. To what is this style reacting? 2. Pictorial themes were often painted or sculpted in Rococo residential settings. What was the main narrative taken from classical stories? 3. What is pastel chalk? Why did it suit the Rococo style? The Enlightenment Vocabulary Chinoiseries Grand Tour Pastels Picturesque Grand Manner 1. Briefly describe how the ideas of each of the following individuals influenced the development of art during the eighteenth century. John Locke Sir Isaac Newton Jean-Jacques Rousseau Denis Diderot 2. What was the Marriage Contract about?
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3. How did the art of the Enlightenment reflect the treatment of women and children? 4.
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18th-century-rococo-photo-study-guide - 18th Century...

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