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Realism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism and Symbolism Study Guide Stokstad Chapter 27, 971-1017 Gardner Chapter 26, pgs 965-1017 Realism Vocabulary Lithography Realism 1. How did the work of the Realists define reality? 2. Describe the pre-Raphaelite movement. 3. Compare and contrast the groups of people that Courbet and Daumier represented in their work. Impressionism Vocabulary Plein Air Painterly Ukiyo-e Japonisme 1. How did Japonisme affect the Impressionist painters? 2. What was Impressionism? 3. Why were Manet’s paintings controversial? 4. Describe differences in the way Monet and Renoir worked. Post Impressionism Vocabulary Abstract
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Unformatted text preview: Complimentary color Hue Impasto 1. Name four artists who were known as Post Impressionists. . 2. Explain why these artists have their own category/style of art known as Post Impressionism. 3. Describe differences in the work of Van Gogh and Gaugin. 4. How do we see abstraction in Post Impressionist painting? Symbolism 1. What themes did the Symbolists explore in their work? 2. Where did Symbolism originate? 3. List two important Symbolists who where from Northern Europe (Belgium and Norway). . 4. How does the work of these artists differ from the art of their French peers?...
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realism-symbolism-study-guide - Complimentary color Hue...

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