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Prehistory and Prehistoric Art in Europe Stokstad Chapter 1, pgs 1-25 Vocabulary Abstraction Sculpture in the round Relief sculpture Low relief Modeling Corbeling Dolmen Post and lintel construction Menhir Paleolithic Neolithic Historical Evidence 1. Define the term “Prehistoric.” 2. What are the principal sites where Prehistoric art has been located? 3. Describe the changes that occurred throughout the Prehistoric period from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic eras? 4. How is early art dated without the assistance of written sources? 5. How does the introduction of Bronze during the Neolithic period change the type of objects that appeared during this time?
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Interpretation and Meaning 1. What are the theories related to the meaning and purpose of Prehistoric cave paintings? 2. Discuss the changes that occurred in architecture from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic
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Unformatted text preview: periods. How does architecture possibly show advances that echo other changes from the same time? 3. What are the possible meanings of early figurine images of women during the Paleolithic period? 4. How does pottery and ceramics provide additional clues in interpreting the living and trading patterns of lost cultures? Materials and Techniques 1. Explain the various techniques that were possibly employed to create Prehistoric wall paintings. 2. What techniques were used by Neolithic potters to create vessels? 3. Explain the construction techniques used to build megalithic structures. What were the key features of these monuments? Compare and Discuss 1. Compare the Woman of Willendorf with the Menhir stature of a Woman from Montagnac, France?...
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prehistoric-study-guide - periods. How does architecture...

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