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Psych Notes - Believed that the functions of the mind...

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Session 2: The study of psychology in context dates back to the ancient civilizations o Greece, China, India, Persia How did the scientific foundations of psychology develop? o Experimental begins with structuralism o Functionalism addresses behavior o Gestalt Psych emphasizes patterns and context in learning o Women made contributions o Freud unconscious o Modified with reward and punishment o Cognition affects behavior o Social situations shape behavior o Psych Therapy is based on science. Structuralism o Wundt founded the first psychological labs and first journal for psych o Developed method of introspection A systematic exam of subjective mental experiences that requires people to inspect and report their thoughts o Tichner believed that the conscious was based on chemical components. o Understanding the conscious would help understand the mind o James was a critic of structuralism Coined term “stream of consciousness” An ever-changing, continuous series of thought Proposed the approach of functionalism
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Unformatted text preview: Believed that the functions of the mind should be the focus of psychology • Associationism o Examines how events or ideas can be associated with one another Contiguity: associating things that tend to occur together at about the same time. Similarity: Associating things with similar features or properties Contrast: associating things that seem to show polarities o Ebbinghaus studied how people learn and remember material • Gestalt Psych o Wolfgang Kohler Co-fouder of Gestalt Psych, opposed to structuralism Perception of objects is subjective and dependent on context Naturalistic problem solving tasks to study insight and intelligence. • Women in Psychology o Mary Calkins First woman president of the APA Harvard denied her doctorate Did research of psych of self Today woman make up 70% of the psych majors • Freud and Psycholanalysis o...
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Psych Notes - Believed that the functions of the mind...

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