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1.11. Supplement on Introduction to Fourier Series As we have observed in the laboratory, many measurements are taken using transducers and electronics. The result is that we record voltage vs. time and have constructed a LabVIEW VI to perform this task. We employed variations of this VI to record the voltage sine wave in the tank draining experiment and the square wave pulse of the brake experiment. The basic idea of the ‘Fourier Series’ is that a voltage vs. time signal is the sum of a set of simple sine waves with differing amplitudes and frequencies. The example used in this exercise is the square wave with no DC offset. The LabVIEW program provides a tool to explore the Fourier Series and learn about how combinations of sine waves can be used to construct any V(t) signal. Open the VI and then edit the nine amplitudes using the controls provided on the Front Panel. After editing, you can push the RUN button to update the plots. This works by
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ME301BeamVibration111SupplementFourierSeries - 1.11...

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