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DEx - prototype ? 1.10. Supplement on Lumped Mass of the Vibrating Wing For the wing tip plucking experiment, each point along the wing is moving with some velocity. We can derive an equivalent vibrating mass (lumped mass) located at the end of the wing by integrating the kinetic energy in the motion of every point along the wing. 1. The static wing deflection equation gives a relationship between the end deflection and any other point. With x measured from the wing end, x=L is the base where the wing meets the fuselage. From strength of materials textbooks, the end deflection due to a point load, F , at the end of a cantilevered wing depends on the material’s modulus of elasticity, E , bending moment of inertia, I , and wing length, L , is (defining a unitless x coordinate) 2. The maximum deflection is at the wing end ( =0) where the point force is applied and the minimum deflection is at the clamped end ( =1) then the deflection at any point along the wing in terms of the end deflection is
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AE301WingVibration110SupplementLumpedMass - DEx - prototype...

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