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1.12. Supplement - Error Analysis for a Fourier Transform Using the computer to acquire data, we obtain a voltage vs. time data file. Although not recorded, each point in the file has a voltage error and time error. Both of these are due to quantization error . Every scale has an increment about a grid line that defines a region where any values are rounded to the grid line’s value and this is the quantization error . These errors on measurands propagate through calculations. 1. Quantization Errors for (t,V) The voltage quantization error is from a uniform voltage increment. The voltage scale increment is calculated using the Full-Scale-Range (FSR) of the board of 1 [Volt] (from the +/-0.5 [Volt] input limits) and the number of scale divisions provided by the DAQ’s 12-bit converter (hardware dependent). Therefore the voltage error for each point is +/- ½ the voltage increment about that point, taken as 1 of the smallest increments. The smallest voltage increment is calculated from the DAQ hardware (NI PCI-6024E) and the specified FSR Then the voltage quantization error is The time error is +/-½ the time increment about a point. The time increment is taken as
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AE301WingVibration113SupplementErrorAnalysis - 1.12....

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