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AEC 320 Final Exam ‘10 Review Sheet 1. 2. 3. Know the Sales person’s ethics review board. 4. Pre-qualify customers and tell why it is important 5. Describe some benefits of a sales career 6. Explain three types of Sales Compensation & some non-financial rewards. 7. Explain how Maslow’s Hierarchy applies to selling. 8. List characteristics of 3 buyer-types. 9. 10. Define and explain how to use prospecting including methods of prospecting. 11. Give an example of using trade shows to Prospect- 12. Explain how to prioritize prospects & use an example prospect priority index. – 13. Set objectives for each call in the sales strategy. 14. Explain the 4 purposes of a good opening 15. Explain and use several types of opening techniques. 16. Relate the role and importance of both listening skills & non-verbal
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