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AEC 320 midterm08

AEC 320 midterm08 - 2008 AEC 320 Midterm Exam Answer four...

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2008 AEC 320 Midterm Exam Answer four of the following six questions QUESTION # 1 A. Why are non-verbal signals important (both the buyers and the sellers) in a sales setting? B. List and explain (why they are positive or negative) three positive and three negative buying signals. C. Could you observe both positive and negative signals in the same call. What are you looking for and what should you do? QUESTION # 2 A. What do we mean in conjoint analysis when we say demand is defined at the attribute level not at the product level and why is that important in new product development? B. Give one way that is used to determine attributes and levels for a conjoint study? C. In what two cases or situation is conjoint analysis most useful? D. What are two weaknesses of conjoint analysis? E. If price and quality were the only two important variables, what alternative to conjoint analysis could you use to determine whether there was a place (a non- competitive vacuum) in the market for your retail store? Give a graphical example.
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