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AEC 320final08

AEC 320final08 - 2008 AEC 320 Final Exam Answer four and...

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2008 AEC 320 Final Exam Answer four and only four of the following six questions Please write your name on the cover sheet and on the back of every other page in the space provided 1. There are three types of sales goals; performance, conversion and activity. A sales person wants to make $10,000 per month on a $1,000 per sale commission and to do that he has to close 10 sales per month. To get the 10 closes per month the monthly prospect goal was 100 and he had to make 300 sales calls or 15 sales call per day in a 20 workday month. Each of the following is what kind of goal? Explain. A) Doing 15 sales calls per day B) Making $10,000 per month C) Getting 10 sales per 100 calls D) Closing 10 sales per month 2. Your customer, Mavis, objects to you product presentation on “field scouting” for soybean rust. She tells you that last season the program was too difficult to explain to customers so she gave up trying and did not sell the service in you farm supply store. You are back to sign her up for the new version of the program. You know that the feel, felt, found response to objections would work well with
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