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Page 1 of 6 Mid-Term Exam-ANSWER ANY FOUR OF THE FOLLOWING SIX QUESTIONS If you answered more than four questions, we will only grade the first four. Each question is worth 25 points 1. Explain and define SWOT (5 points), list the five P’s of marketing (5 points), list and Explain the eight steps of the marketing process (5 points) and explain how the 5 P’s and SWOT relate to the 8 step marketing process (10 points).
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Page 2 of 6 2. A. What has happened to produce as a % of sales in food service relative to retail? Why? (7 points) B. What has happened to the role of wholesalers relative to these two sectors? (8 points) C. What has been the trend in wholesaling relative to the kinds of product they handle and tell why – be sure to give examples of the kinds of lines they carry? (10 points)
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