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2008Exam1review - AEC 305-001 Exam I Review for Fall 2008...

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AEC 305-001 Exam I Review for Fall 2008 Recall that our first exam will be on Friday, September 19 th . I will start handing out exams at 11:55 and you will have until 12:55 to complete the exam. Exam questions will be short answer-type questions (Define or describe certain marketing terms, multiple choice, true/false (correct if false), short answer, simple calculations and interpretation.) There will not be many calculations on the exam, but calculators will be available. No one will be allowed to use their phones, blackberries, etc. We are very tight in our classroom. I’ll remind each of you that any cheating will result in an automatic E for the course and potentially other serious consequences . The first exam is worth 20% of your final grade. Be sure to review the assigned readings from the Rhodes and/or Schrimper texts, web materials, and the non-powerpoint handouts from class .. don’t just study the powerpoint slides! .
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