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Exam_1_review - AEC 305-001 Exam I Review(Fall 2005 Recall...

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AEC 305-001 Exam I Review (Fall 2005) Recall that our first exam will be on Wednesday. September 28 th in Seay Auditorium. I will start handing out exams at 11:50 and you will have until 12:55 to complete the exam. Exam questions will be short answer-type questions. BE THOROUGH IN YOUR ANSWERS AND SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT. You WILL NOT be allowed to use any notes or your text and without saying, cheating absolutely will not be tolerated in any manner. Please sit at least two seats away from your neighbor and no one will be allowed to sit immediately behind another student. The first exam is worth 20% of your final grade. In preparing for the exam, you need to have a good understanding of the following concepts: ± Identify and describe three approaches to studying agricultural marketing. (8/26/05 lecture and handout from Rhodes/Dauve text). Be sure to be able to give an example of each approach. ± Be able to use the supply-to-use identity to account for the disappearance/consumption of an agricultural
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