formal lab report - Water, a natural necessity of life, is...

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Water, a natural necessity of life, is usually at a pH of 7.0. Because CO 2 often dissolves in rain, rain is a safe pH of about 5.6, but what happens when this pH level changes and drops to even lower acidic levels (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)? Near areas such as coal mining fields, highly industrious cities, highways and interstates, rain often picks up runoff such as high metal ions from the coal, fuel and car exhaust on the interstates, and carries the heavy metal ions away with the water. When this water evaporates, the metal ions also evaporate with the water, later producing “acid rain.” How does this rain affect plants, a basic need for substantial life on earth? Scientists have performed many experiments to test the effects of acid rain and varying pH levels on plants. Here at UGA, the four students in my lab group decided to also scientifically discover the effects of varying pH levels when introduced to one enzyme, amylase, which is a “crude extract from germinating barley seeds,” used to help break down starch that is inside of the seed, providing food for the seed as it sprouts (UGA lab book, 2-4). The lab group wanted to test how different pH levels affect the amount of time that it takes for the enzyme, amylase, to break down the starch. Amylase is required to break down the starch (starch hydrolysis), and the byproducts of the starch feed the seed. The slower the break down of the starch, the longer it would take to feed the germinating seed. If it takes too long to feed the germinating seed, the seed may die. According to the Worthington Biochemical Corporation, enzyme activity for
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course CHEM 1211L taught by Professor Stanton during the Fall '08 term at University of Georgia Athens.

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formal lab report - Water, a natural necessity of life, is...

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