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1. Two gasses are in thermal equilibrium in a closed container: 2 moles of H 2 (Hydrogen has atomic mass 1) and 4 moles of He (noble gas, atomic mass 4). a) Explain which substance has more total thermal energy. Assume that each molecule of H 2 has 5 active modes. b) Explain which is moving faster, a H 2 molecule or a Helium atom? 2. If you have two types of molecules and one has twice as many ways of absorbing energy as the other, what can you
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Unformatted text preview: say about their relative thermal energies per molecule at a given temperature? Explain . 7A 2C Quiz 6 DL Sec. ____ Name _____________________ __________________ last first for office use only I certify by my signature that I will abide by the code of academic conduct of the University of California. Signature _____________________________ Formulas: Eth/mode = (1/2)k B T; Etot = KE + PE = Ebond + Eth...
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