Gen Psych Lect 5

Gen Psych Lect 5 - health; e.g., defenses against...

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Lecture 5 Homework: Due Date: Study and Mind Map for: 8th ed.: p50-64 9th ed.: p53-65 (1 st 1 / 2 of "Brain" ch.) Do in color Wed. Sept. 23 There will be 6 mind-map assignments Technique you will use the rest of your life You will find that many people use this technique Keep the originals to study from You lose half a letter grade for each mind-map you don't hand in Clinical and Developmental Psych. (cont'd)   Several Psychotherapies (cont'd) 3. Psychiatry Medical Doctors prescribing drugs 4. Psychoanalysis Based on transference Final Words about Freud Freud is generally recognized as one of the great geniuses of all time - equal to Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, etc. His great discoveries are: 1. The nature of psychological health and illness. The mechanisms of ill-
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Unformatted text preview: health; e.g., defenses against too-muchness, repression, etc. 2. Techniques of psychotherapy: how is it possible to move a person from the highly split structure of a mind divided against itself to a unified mind that can function easily, creatively, and happily. Object-Relations Theory Freud did not really observe children. A group of people, the object-relations theorists, did a huge study of children. They thereby moved psychoanalysis forward enormously. The single most important fact of childhood is: DEPENDENCE The child's primary problem is to survive : Its needs are: Food Protection Warmth (e.g., clothes) Learning (e.g., walk, talk, etc.) However, the child is totally helpless . So it must get these needs met via an adult: i.e., food, protection, warmth, etc, must come via an adult....
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Gen Psych Lect 5 - health; e.g., defenses against...

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