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Gen Psych Lect 13 - Lecture 13 NoClassWednesday(10/21...

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Lecture 13 Important Information:   No Class Wednesday!!!! (10/21)   Homework: Due Date: 1 st 1 / 2 of "Emotions/Drives" in Kagan & Segal 8th ed. : p.301-321 9th ed. : p.289-304 Read & Make Mind Map Wednesday, Oct. 21st 2 nd 1 / 2 of "Emotions/Drives" in Kagan &Segal 8th ed.: p.322-340 9th ed.: p.304-end of chp. Read & Make Mind Map Wednesday, Oct. 28th Midterm: (will cover the chapters we've been studying & lecture notes) Nov. 2nd (IN CLASS) Copies of all 6 Mind Maps Due in Black &White   Midterm: Lectures Notes and 3 Chapters in Kagan & Segal (Emotions/Drives,  Conditioning & Learning, Brain), There will be no questions from Tony Buzan. o You are handing in the mind maps at the exam, but you can't use them  during the exam. o There will be no review. Object-Relations Theory (cont'd)   Melanie Klein (cont'd)   The Paranoid-Schizoid Position (cont'd)   Borderline Personality Disorder (cont'd)   Main Features of Borderline Personality
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o Constant instability in relationships.
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