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Lecture 21 - table Both individuals could not see each...

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Social Psychology (cont'd) The Social Psychology View (cont'd) Conformity and Obedience Conformity and Obedience = major factor in society Solomon Asch Experiment One real subject: He thought he was taking part in a perception experiment. Sits at large table with other people (actors), which he believes are real subjects like him. Shown card with single line . Shown another card, with three lines of different sizes . He is asked which line on second card is same size as line on first card. He is always asked after several other "subjects" at the table. The other subjects (actors) were instructed (beforehand) to give the same obviously wrong answer . Results showed: Real subjects gave answers that conformed with the group . Milgram Experiments: Stanley Milgram (1964) Single most important experiment that has ever been conducted in psychology. Lecture 21 Monday, November 23, 2009 4:37 PM Gen Psych Page 1
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Table divided by a screen with a box in the middle and a person on either side of the
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Unformatted text preview: table. Both individuals could not see each other through the screen. One of the two people participating is the real subject . The other person is called the learner . Unknown to the subject, the learner is an actor. Via the box, the subject can administer "electric shocks" to the learner. The subject is instructed by the experimenter to administer these shocks, if the learner gets answers wrong to questions . Also, the subject is instructed to increase the voltage, as the learner gets more and more answers are wrong. As shocks increased in strength, the learner would start to scream in pain. Voltage levels reached 450 volts – which we know kills people. Yet, 34 out of 40 subjects continued obeying the instructions of the experimenter. When questioned: Subjects described themselves as decent and moral . Milgram (paperback) 1974: "Obedience to Authority" Gen Psych Page 2...
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Lecture 21 - table Both individuals could not see each...

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