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Post lab questions KClO3 lab - 2 At 1 atmosphere and 25 o C...

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Post lab questions: 1. Ignoring any side reactions and assuming the reaction occurs completely, how large (in kg)  an oxygen candle (KClO3) would be needed to supply 8 people with enough oxygen for 24  hours on a small submarine? Although this depends on the size of the person and their  respiration rate (activity), according to NASA, an average person needs about 0.84 kg of O2 per  day.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. At 1 atmosphere and 25 o C, what would the volume of O 2 be from the previous question? 3. Assuming that air is 21% O 2 by volume, what volume of air would be needed to answer question 1? 4. Assuming all of the analogous reactions occur, why would lithium chlorate be a more practical choice for the “chlorate candle” than either sodium or potassium chlorate?...
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