ACC 4247 HW (6)

ACC 4247 HW (6) - Tony Chen 09/21/10 Chapter 3 35) The firm...

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Tony Chen Chapter 3 09/21/10 35) The firm of Harwood & Toole, CPAs, has been the auditor and tax return preparer for Tucker. Inc., a nonpublic company, for several years. In the current year, the management of Tucker discharged Harwood & Toole from the audit and tax engagement because of a disagreement over a tax matter. Management of Tucker has not paid Harwood & Toole any of the current year’s audit and tax fees. Another CPA firm has been hired and management of Tucker has requested that Harwood & Toole provide the following items: 3. A copy of Tucker’s partially completed tax return prepared by the staff of Harwood & Toole. Harwood & Toole would only need to give back Tucker’s accounting records because these are Tucker’s property. The adjusting entries, tax return, and auditing papers were done by Harwood so they don’t need to be returned. b. How would your answer change, if at all, assuming that Harwood & Toole had been paid for the audit and tax work? If Harwood & Toole were paid, they would need to return the accounting records and the adjusting journal entries. The tax return was not completed so it is not returned and the auditing papers are never given to the client. 36) James Daleiden, CPA, is interested in expanding his practice through acquisition of new clients. For each of the following independent cases, indicate whether Daleiden would violate the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct by engaging in the suggested practice and explain why. If more information is needed to arrive at a final determination, indicate the nature of such information. a. Daleiden wishes to form a professional corporation and use the name “AAAAAAA the CPAs,” to
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ACC 4247 HW (6) - Tony Chen 09/21/10 Chapter 3 35) The firm...

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