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Microsoft PowerPoint - Nutrition_Weight S08 - Nutritional...

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1 Nutrition Nutritional Standards Dietary Guidelines for Americans USDA Food Guide Pyramid USDA MyPyramid Daily Values Nutrients Essential nutrients chemical substances used by the body to build, maintain, and repair tissues and regulate body processes Macronutrients : • Water • Carbohydrates • Proteins • Fats Micronutrients • Vitamins • Minerals Water • Function : • Digest, absorb, transport nutrients • Medium for biochemical reactions to occur • Helps regulate body temperature • Dilutes and carries waste • Cushions body cells • Lubricates Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA): – 1 to 1.5 ml per calorie spent – 8 to 12 cups of fluid Carbohydrates Function: – The body’s main source of energy – Fuel most of the body’s cells during activity Types: – Simple Carbohydrates (sugars) – Complex Carbohydrates (starches and dietary fibers) Carbohydrates Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA): – 130 grams for males and females (aged 1-70) – Pregnant and lactating females require 175 and 210 grams/day
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2 Dietary Fiber • Allows for passage of food quickly through the intestines helping to prevent hemorrhoids and constipation • Types : – Viscous fiber (soluble) – Insoluble fiber (water absorbing) • Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) – 38 grams for males (aged 14-50) – 25grams/day for women (aged 19-50) Proteins • Build and maintain muscles, bones, and other body tissues • Form enzymes that facilitate chemical reactions that allow for: – Antibodies to help fight illness and disease
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Nutrition_Weight S08 - Nutritional...

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