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1 California Floristics and Dunes California Floristics California Vegetation Plant Communities Coastal Scrub Reading: Plants of SLO page 1 and species descriptions from this lecture Biodiversity Hot Spots Regions that harbor a great diversity of species and have been significantly impacted by humans. California Climate Portions of California, such as San Luis Obispo, have a Mediterranean climate Mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers Floristic Provinces Major areas characterized by plants that occur primarily in that region and nowhere else California has three Californian Floristic Province Great Basin Floristic Province Sonoran Floristic Province ……. . California Floristic Province Includes about 75% of the state's area plus southwestern corner of Oregon, northwestern corner of Baja California, and part of Nevada near Lake Tahoe Contains about 85% of the genera in California and about 81% of the species California Biological Diversity California has about 6000 distinct species 4844 of these are considered native species (82.6%) 1023 have been introduced (17.4%)
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2 San Luis Obispo County Area 3,616 square miles
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Lecture6 - California Floristics and Dunes ! ! ! ! !...

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