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lecture15 - • Native to Asia now only known in...

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5/26/09 1 Ferns and Gymnosperms Ferns and fern life cycle Gymnosperms Cycads, ginkgos, conifers Reading: Botany for Gardeners: 205-207 Plants of SLO: 38-39 Lab Manual: Exercises 10 & 11 Plant Fossil Record Plant Diversity and Relatedness Plant Diversity and Relatedness Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, hornworts) Vascular plants Seedless vascular plants (ferns and their relatives) Seeded vascular plants Gymnosperms: 720 species (conifers, ginkgo, cycads, gnetophytes) Angiosperms: 235,000 species (flowering plants) Monocots Dicots Plant Kingdom Horsetails Ferns Seedless Vascular Plants
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5/26/09 2 Gymnosperms Make exposed seeds Four phylum Cycads, Gingko, Gnetophytes, Conifers Dominated planet 100 MYA Have declined in abundance since Cycads 11 genera and ~300 species All endangered All dioecious Large cones Dominant planet during the age of the dinosaurs (200 MYA) Ginkgo biloba
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Unformatted text preview: • Native to Asia, now only known in cultivation • A “living fossil” • Dioecious, large tree Conifers • Most common gymnosperms • 50 genera, 550 species • Largest, tallest, and oldest organisms • Examples are: firs, cedars, cypresses, junipers, redwoods, pines, spruces, yews and hemlocks Scientific Report on Allelopathy Experiment • For results use data provided on-line • For the methods section copy and paste the following: (Quote this sentence exactly, nothing else) • See Plant Diversity and Ecology, Laboratory manual and field trip guides, Biology 114, Ritter, Holland, and Keil, Exercise 12 Allelopathy: Plant Competition via Chemical Inhibition, 2007 • Follow the instructions for writing the report in the lab manual on pages 70-73 • 2 page report not including figures • The report is due at the lab final on Wednesday and Thursday of Week 10 (Next Week)....
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