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SCAN0009 - \8.5 13.9 Homeuoor K Chapifir la WhiCh%vc&3...

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Unformatted text preview: \8.5 13.9 Homeuoor K Chapifir la WhiCh %vc&3 ave infldMolecumv a‘hd' which im’rermaWCubv? N 7 5) Those permJ‘arg oil mom fivapcriafi‘ag a+ , room *Emperme lm+enrhclwular , ,, b} 7?qu Pmuénfir‘g mfier ~ ’amm «~fflwgpi,6-ir-é,m§} , Wm a M‘fiaflhfi’iflv INEYMQIQCLLIBV 7 C) Thom. atwwrg same» m «mamas—3. Gardensah‘cb d) WSL 91%UWC‘9 Ga 8m air q-Vctfim Mr‘wwmgr ," A, O a‘i'cst‘fi, qklfifch J Which CIOY‘OES, are, irfiramowcLLlar, and which grime: mmeuém 7., a) Twat: alto-wiry 310g 40 9mm a (2001 , harping} K (mm; b) TFO ‘ allcwi'r'g MW +0.3cymgw‘her3i “a _~‘ is SDaerb' .. C) mafiaatmgimg “(mid bémm.meg,,+m cry 51‘3“." :6 Where loomed . . d) Those yaspcnfiibeg ’m we am bemna poem as? Hemme ...
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