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Exam 2 version A answers - Exam 2 fall 2010 am government...

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Exam 2 fall 2010 am government Version A Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The relationship between the press and politicians is a. sometimes adversarial. b. never mutually beneficial. c. ephemeral at best. d. irrelevant due to media fragmentation. ____ 2. in 1976 Buckley v Valeo established a. strict limits on campaign spending b. money as a form of free speech c. sunshine laws d. strict limits on campaign donations ____ 3. Private interest groups a. seek economic benefits for their members. b. attempt to keep government from interfering with a person's life. c. unintentionally serve the public interest. d. tend to be ineffective in changing government policy. ____ 4. The National Rifle Association a. is an example of a highly influential single-issue group. b. tends to support liberal candidates. c. actively worked to defeat George W. Bush. d. support a ban on assault rifles ____ 5. Direct lobbying includes all of the following EXCEPT a. public pressure b. lobbying c. writing legislation d. donating money ____ 6. The relationship between the media and politicians in which they use each other for their mutual advantage is called a. the fringe media. b. an adversarial relationship. c. an antagonistic relationship. d. a symbiotic relationship. ____ 7. The mass media a. include newspaper, magazines, books, radio, television, movies, records and the Internet. b. do not have an impact on government. c. are declining in influence in the United States. d. were established to influence the government. ____ 8. Pressure to make a profit and the need to attract an audience can lead to a. ideological bias. b. racial bias. c. traditional institution bias. d. commercial bias. ____ 9. Disclosures to the media of information some officials want to keep secret are called
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a. insider trading. b. leaks. c. off the record coverage. d. yellow journalism. ____ 10. _____ lobby for political and social causes. a. Agricultural interest groups b. Business interest groups c. Public interest groups d. Private interest groups ____ 11. Interest groups lobby a. the White House. b. Congress. c. government agencies. d. all of the above. ____ 12. Which of the following is NOT a goal of campaign finance reform a. greater political equality b. improving the integrity of the political system c. greater political liberty d. increased political participation ____ 13. The literary digest is an example of a a. random sample b. straw poll c. push poll d. scientific sample ____ 14. If someone believes that government can be a constructive force in individual lives, their ideology is a. conservatism. b.
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Exam 2 version A answers - Exam 2 fall 2010 am government...

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