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Chpt. 1 Origins of Motion Pictures

Chpt. 1 Origins of Motion Pictures - Origins of Motion...

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Origins of Motion Pictures 1880s-1910 Optical Toys (mid-1800s) o Most employed rotating “phase drawings” of things in motion to produce a crude sense of animation o Phenakistoscope o Zoetrope Technical Challenges to the Invention of Motion Pictures 1. How to capture multiple photographic images? 2. How to view the images? 3. How to project the images? Series Photography o Edweard Muybridge Hired by Leland Stanford to prove racehorses lift all four hooves when galloping 1877 set up a battery of 12 electrically operated cameras o Etienne-Jules Marey 1882 recorded first series photographs of live action with a single camera Marey’s Chronophotographic Gun Celluloid Roll Film o Invented 1887 by Hannibal Goodwin o Appropriated in 1889 by George Eastman who mass- produced it Kinetograph o First motion picture camera o Invented at the Edison Laboratories in West Orange, New Jersey o Originally intended to provide visual accompaniment to Thomas Edison’s wildly popular phonograph o Developed primarily by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson o Synthesized all previous technology (Muybridge, Marey, Eastman) into one machine o Incorporated two essential elements 1. a stop-motion device to ensure the intermittent but regular motion of the film strip through the camera 2. a perforated celluloid strip consisting of four sprocket holes on the bottom edge of each frame Kinetoscope o Box-like peepshow machine in which people viewed Kinetograph films through a magnifying lens o Edison was not interested in projection o Began marketing in 1893
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o Kinetoscope Parlors First opened on Broadway in New York City on April 14, 1894
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Chpt. 1 Origins of Motion Pictures - Origins of Motion...

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