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Chpt. 4 German Weimar Cinema

Chpt. 4 German Weimar Cinema - German Cinema of the Weimar...

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German Cinema of the Weimar Period (1919 1929) State of the German Cinema Before World War I Indigenous film industry had failed to develop Refuge for the illiterate and disenfranchised Most films shown in Germany were either imported or domestically produced spectacle and pornography Autorenfilm ―famous author’s film‖ Began in 1912 as an organized response to France’s films d’art First film was The Other ( Der Andere ) directed by Max Mack Resulted in an influx of literary and theatrical artists into German film The Student of Prague ( 1913) o First example of an artistic German film that broke with stage conventions o Introduced ― the deep and fearful concern with the foundation of the self‖ World War I (1914 1919) Germany was cut off from its supply of French, American, and Italian films Influenced by Sweden and Denmark o Scandinavian films were static, but beautifully photographed o 1910 1913 Danish film was among the most innovative in the world UFA (Universum Film Aktiengesellschaft) Nationally subsidized film conglomerate founded in 1917
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