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1 BUS655 - Marketing Management Distance & Professional MBA Fall 2008 Thursday Evenings 5:30-9:10 Professor: K. Douglas (Doug) Hoffman, D.B.A. 115 Rockwell Hall 970-491-2791 (Office) doug.hoffman@colostate.edu Office Hours: Typically available by phone and email daily Marketing Department: Department of Marketing Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO 80523 FAX: 970-491-5956 Course Description: This course provides a broad overview of all the marketing activities involved in the provision of products to final and organizational consumers. More specifically, this course: (1) provides students with an understanding of marketing concepts; (2) applies learned marketing concepts to real world situations; and (3) examines the modification of marketing strategy within a changing environment. This course assumes no significant prior knowledge of marketing or substantial applied professional marketing experience . Course Objectives: 1) provide a comprehensive understanding of marketing terminology and concepts 2) introduce perspectives and influences that shape marketing decision-making 3) prepare students for the marketing strategy case course that follows Course Materials: Textbook: Kotler and Keller, A Framework for Marketing Management , Pearson/Prentice Hall, (2007), ISBN: 0-13-145258-4. Readings Book: Annual Editions: Marketing 08/09 Update , McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 978- 0-07-339777-1 Method of Evaluation: - Exams (2@150 points) 300 - Exercises/Participation* 100 - Total Points 400 * Exercises and participation points are based on forthcoming take-home exercises (two to three page maximums) and class discussions pertaining to Annual Editions: Marketing 08/09 Update readings and assigned chapter content. Class lectures are supported by PowerPoint that summarizes lecture and text material. Consequently, chapter readings are to be viewed as resources that reinforce and provide added- value to class lectures. In contrast, Annual Editions: Marketing 08/09 Update readings are new
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2 materials that the class is responsible for discussing.
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BUS655_Syllabus - BUS655 - Marketing Management Distance...

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