209s10a11 - 4. (15 pts) At what temperature is the...

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DCGN209-Spring’10: Homework#11 p. 1 of 2 The following problems are due at 2:00 PM, Friday April 23, 2010 Carbon Monoxide [CO(g)] is a major industrial gas that is useful in a wide variety of applications, ranging from the production of methanol and acetic acid, to the reduction of metal oxide ores to the metal. A common method for the manufacture of CO(g) is to pass CO 2 (g) over “coke” (a solid residue from the destructive distillation of coal or crude oil); a graph of ln.K versus reciprocal temperature is shown on the following page. The “Standard State” for the graph and table below refers to a pressure of exactly 1.000 bar . 1. (4 pts) What assumptions must be approximately true in order to write this linear equation for ln. K versus (1/T)? 2. (6 pts) Based upon the above equation, give approximate values for r H 0 298 and r S 0 298 for this reaction. 3. (5 pts) When this reaction occurs at a constant pressure , is it endothermic or exothermic? Briefly justify your answer.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (15 pts) At what temperature is the equilibrium gas mixture (assuming that CO(g) & CO 2 (g) are the only two gases present) 87.2 mole % CO(g)? Show a complete setup for your calculations, and assume that the total pressure of the two gases equals 624.1 torr. 5. (40 pts) Use the regression parameters from the graph, and the data given in the table below to fill in the blanks in the table. Printout this page, and fill in the blanks. Attach a sheet of E2 paper on which you show your calculations for each quantity. Substance ∆ f H 298 S 298 ∆ f G 298 (kJ mole-1 ) (J mole-1 K-1 ) (kJ mole-1 ) C O 2 (g) -393.51 213.785 _______ CO(g) ______ 197.66 _______ C(s,graphite) ______ _______ _______ O 2 (g) ______ 205.14 _______ DCGN209-Spring’10: Homework#11 p. 2 of 2 CO2(g) + C(s,graphite) --->2CO(g) y = -20769x + 21.291-60.000-50.000-40.000-30.000-20.000-10.000 0.000 10.000 0.00050 0.00100 0.00150 0.00200 0.00250 0.00300 0.00350 1/T (K-1 ) ln.K...
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209s10a11 - 4. (15 pts) At what temperature is the...

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