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HW 6 due online 1 AM, Friday, February 4 1. Chapter 24 Problem 28 Figure 24-42 shows a thin plastic rod of length L = 14.3 cm and uniform positive charge Q = 52.4 fC lying on an x axis. With V = 0 at infinity, find the electric potential at point P 1 on the axis, at distance d = 3.76 cm from one end of the rod. 2. Chapter 24 Problem 34 Two large parallel metal plates are 2.2 cm apart and have charges of equal magnitude but opposite signs on their facing surfaces. Take the potential of the negative plate to be zero. If the potential halfway between the plates is then +6.0 V, what is the electric field (in V/m) in the region between the plates? 3. Chapter 24 Problem 35 The electric potential at points in an xy plane is given by V = (2.3 V/m 2 ) x 2 -(4.0 V/m 2 ) y 2 . What are (a) the magnitude of the electric field at the point (2.9 m, 2.8 m) and (b) the angle that the field there makes
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Unformatted text preview: with the positive x direction. 4. Chapter 24 Problem 41 A particle of charge +6.6 μC is released from rest at the point x = 82 cm on an x axis. The particle begins to move due to the presence of a charge Q that remains fixed at the origin. What is the kinetic energy of the particle at the instant it has moved 41 cm if (a) Q = +90 μC and (b) Q = –90 μC? 5. Chapter 24 Problem 62 Sphere 1 with radius R 1 has positive charge q . Sphere 2 with radius 3 R 1 is far from sphere 1 and initially uncharged. After the separated spheres are connected with a wire thin enough to retain only negligible charge, what fraction of q ends up on (a) sphere 1 and (b) sphere 2? (c) What is the ratio of the final surface charge density of sphere 1 to that of sphere 2? (Answer with 2 significant figures.)...
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HW_6_Assignment - with the positive x direction 4 Chapter...

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