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Best Companies To Work For 2011 From Fortune/CNN website February 1, 2011: Flexible vacation policies are here to stay By Shelley DuBois , reporterFebruary 1, 2011: 11:44 AM ET FORTUNE -- You're an adult. You know how to prioritize your time to do your job. So why should your company ration out vacation reluctantly and monitor when you spend it? Wouldn't it be nice to do away with vacation-day limits entirely, so you could leave work whenever you want for as long as you feel you need? It sounds like a dream come true for many employees, but a growing number of companies are doing just that, adopting so-called flexible vacation policies that shift control over deciding when to take time off to employees and in many cases eliminating an allotted number of vacation days entirely. Netflix ( NFLX ) made headlines for this last year when the press got word of the company's flexible vacation policy -- there are no "days," employees can take what they want -- but a swell of other companies have let go of the reins on vacation time. Those that have say not only is the open policy rarely abused, it actually makes the work environment better. A newcomer to our Best Companies to Work For list this year, investment research firm Morningstar ( MORN ), has a policy of limitless vacation days; employees can take what they want, when they want. Same goes for online investment information website Motley Fool and New York-based consulting company BlueWolf. Software company HubSpot also switched over to an unlimited vacation policy last spring. But this isn't merely a flash fad for startups. IBM ( IBM , Fortune 500 ) is said to have had flexible vacation time for every employee since 2003. People who work for the company simply give their supervisors a
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020111Vacation_Flex_Fortune - Best Companies To Work For...

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