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Downloads January 25, 2011 +: Narrowly Ahead Of Surging GM, Toyota Retains Title Of World's Top Automaker. The AP (1/25) reports, "Toyota sold 8.42 million vehicles globally in 2010, narrowly remaining the world's top automaker ahead of General Motors amid recall woes in the key North American market." While falling just short at 8.39 million vehicles, this marked "a dramatic 12 percent rebound from 7.48 million vehicles the year before" for GM. According to the AP, "the race between the two giants appears to be getting close, with the chance the tables could be turned, seeing GM once again rising to the top." China Surpasses The US In Wind Energy. It’s all pretty close though, quite large MW The Financial Times (1/25, McNulty) reports that China has surpassed the US to become the leader in wind energy capacity. The American Wind Energy said on Monday, that US wind capacity is at 40,180 megawatts, while China stands at 41,800 megawatts. Denise Bode, chief executive of the American Wind Energy Association, explained that the industry "continues to ensure a boom-bust cycle because of the lack of long-term predictable federal policies." Additionally, the Times notes that low natural gas prices add another set of hurdles to the growth of the US wind energy industry. Bode remarked, "Now that we're competing with natural gas on cost, we need consistent federal policies to ensure we have a diverse portfolio of energy sources in this country, and don't become over-reliant on one source or another." Nano breakthrough could lead to electronic textiles with energy storage Neat stuff UT Dallas nanotechnologists have invented a groundbreaking new technology for producing weavable, knittable, sewable and knottable yarns containing giant amounts of otherwise unspinnable powders. The researchers see applications for the technology in energy storage, energy conversion and energy harvesting. More>> Bunch of employees doing many projections and estimates etc. The AP (1/26) reports, "Johnson & Johnson, hurt by product recalls and a weak economy, posted a 12 percent decline in profit and a 5.5 percent decline in sales for the fourth quarter on Tuesday." The AP notes, "Johnson & Johnson has been hurt by 17 recalls since September 2009, covering multiple McNeil Consumer Healthcare products, plus contact lenses and hip replacements, and the lengthy shutdown of one of the factories involved. Lost revenue from the recalled products reduced 2010 sales by $900
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