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132LABS-11_USB - some cases we will also use the...

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IE 132 Work Systems Laboratory List of Laboratory Exercises and Case Problems Week Mon Lab Lab exercise or case problem Points Type T/I 1 Jan 17 L1 Manual Methods and Work Organization 10 Lab T5 or T6 2 Jan 24 L2 Flow Process Charting - Analysis 15 Lab T2 3 Jan 31 L3 Flow Process Charting - Design 15 Lab T2 4 Feb 7 L4 Work Element Definition 15 Lab T5 or T6 5 Feb 14 L5* Assembly Line Operation 15 Lab T5 or T6 6 Feb 21 L6* PERT 15 Lab T2 7 Feb 28 L7 Workstation Design 15 Lab T2 Mar 7-11 (Spring break) 8 Mar 14 L8 Performance Rating (L8) 10 Lab I 9 Mar 21 L9 Direct Time Study - Drill Press 15 Lab I 10 Mar 28 L10 MTM 15 Lab I 11 Apr 4 L11 MOST - Manual 15 Lab I 12 Apr 11 L12 Plant Layout Design Case I 13 Apr 18 Plant Layout Design, continued Bye 14 Apr 25 Plant Layout Design, continued 45 Bye Total points = 200 * Equipment limitations will cause some variation in the schedule between teams during these weeks. See opposite side of sheet. Type : Most lab exercises and case problems are accomplished during the scheduled 3-hour lab period. All exercises and problems will be assigned in the Work Systems Laboratory (Mo 451). In
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Unformatted text preview: some cases, we will also use the Manufacturing Technology Lab (Mo 171). Lab exercises are either individual (I) or team (T) activities. The final case problem on plant layout design is a take-home exercise for which three weeks are allowed. Report: Key to the last column is as follows: • T# - Team report, # indicates size of group. • I - Individual report. • Bye – No report due this period IE 132 Lab Schedule for lab exercises during weeks 5 - 7 Week Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E 4 L4 L4 L4 L4 L4 5 L5 at 1:10 L5 at 2:40 L6 L6 L6 6 L6 L6 L5 at 1:10 L5 at 2:40 L7 7 L7 L7 L7 L7 L5 at 1:10 Key: L4 Work element definition for Blizzard Blazer in Mo 451 L5 Meet in Mo 451 for instructions. Then go to Manufacturing Technology Lab, (Mo 171) for the assembly line operation. L6 PERT (project management) in Mo 451 L7 Workstation design in Mo 451...
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