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IE 132 Work Systems Laboratory Spring Semester 2011 Instructors : Keith M. Gardiner(Mohler 323, Phone 758-5070, E-mail: kg03) Gregory L. Tonkay (Mohler 429, Phone 758-4040, E-mail: glt0) Edwin Force II (Mohler 171A, Phone 758-4056, Email: ewf1) Jiadong Wang ( Mohler xxx, Course Description : Laboratory exercises and projects in methods analysis, operations analysis, plant layout, and related topics. Co-requisite: IE 131. Text : M. Groover, Work Systems, and the Methods, Measurement, and Management of Work , 2007, Pearson Prentice Hall (Same text used in IE 131). Course Objectives : Upon completion of this course, students will: understand the operation of basic work systems that are based on manual labor, including worker-machine systems and assembly lines know the terminology of traditional industrial engineering tools such as methods study and work measurement know the fundamental principles of ergonomics and work design experience the learning curve effect in manual labor be able to study and analyze a complex production sequence using basic operations analysis tools such as the flow process chart be able to perform a direct time study and determine a proper time standard that should be applied to a manual labor task be able to develop a plant layout design using Systematic Layout Planning based on starting data about the product, production quantities, and process sequences Companion Course : IE 132 is the laboratory course for IE 131. Case problems, laboratory
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Syllabus-IE_132-S11_USB - IE 132 Work Systems Laboratory...

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