Lab_1 - Phys 151 Lab 1 Name _ Duties _ Name _ Duties _ Name...

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Phys 151 Lab 1 Name ______________ Duties ______________________________________ Name ______________ Duties ______________________________________ Name ______________ Duties ______________________________________ For this lab you will complete two exercises. Below are the prelab write-ups that you should read and understand before you show up for the class. Print out a copy to bring to the lab ! Exercise 1 . Putting on the Ritz – Understanding Motional Graphs Objective/Purpose : To study and understand the effectiveness of graphical plots to represent motion. Apparatus/Equipment : No special equipment. Theory : The five motional variables and their definitions. Distance is the actual "space" covered in a motion. Displacement is the vector quantity that gives the straight-line distance and direction from an initial position to a final position. Speed is the distance traveled divided by the time taken. Velocity is the displacement divided by the time taken. Acceleration is rate of change of velocity. It can result from a change in speed, a change in direction, or both. Method/Activity : Your team will be assigned one out of a group of plots shown on the overhead transparency. Each represents the displacement or velocity versus time of a real motion. Discuss the assigned plot among yourselves and then choose a representative who will act out (by walking) the motion shown in your team's plot while a second team member must point to the part of the graph that is being demonstrated. While this is going on, members of the other groups are to critique the movements of the "actor" with comments about whether the motions made are accurate, vis a vis the kinematic variables you can easily see, such as distance traveled (displacement made forwards, backwards), and the speeds maintained (velocities produced, forwards, backwards, slow, fast), and that which
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Lab_1 - Phys 151 Lab 1 Name _ Duties _ Name _ Duties _ Name...

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