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Phys 151 Lab 5 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Who’s the Fairest of Them All? Name ______________ Duties ______________________________________ Name ______________ Duties ______________________________________ Name ______________ Duties ______________________________________ For this lab you will complete two exercises. Below are the prelab write-ups that you should read and understand before you show up for the class. Print a copy and bring along to the lab. Exercise 1 : Image is Everything! Purpose : To understand reflection from a plane mirror. Concept : A plane mirror always produces a virtual image located on the other side of the mirror from the object. The image has the same size as the object but is laterally inverted. The image is as far behind as the object is in front. Materials/Equipment : Plastic stirrers, plane mirror, meter rule. Part A Procedure/Method : 1. Make two line marks about 4 cm apart on the plastic stirrer near the bottom and measure their (real) separation. 2. Stand the stirrer on the table. 3. Placing your eyes level with and right next to each mark in turn, look directly across at the images on the mirror, set properly upright on the table about 20 cm away. 4. Read off the ruler placed against the mirror the locations of the images of the two marks and find the separation there. Record these readings for every member of your team. Stirrer Mirror Marks Image dots Ruler Observations and Data : Observer Separation on stirrer Position of first mark’s image Position of second mark’s image Separation of images Ratio of column 2 to column 5
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Analysis : The ratio values seen in the last column of your table gives you the “magnification” of the image (i.e. the relative size of the image to that of the object). The two marks on the stirrer constitute the object while their images make up the image. The predicted value for the last column in every case should be 1; a plane mirror always yields an image that is the same size as the object. Are your values near this value? If not, explain why not. Part B Procedure/Method : 1. Place two dots (in different colored ink) on the ends of one mark. 2. Look at their images in the mirror and note their relative positions. Observations and Data : Position of first dot Position of second dot Position of first dot’s image Position of second dot’s image Left Right Analysis : The two dots should have switched positions in their images. Did that happen, so that lateral inversion of the image from a plane mirror is confirmed? If not, see your TA (and after class, your doctor!). Part C
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Lab_5 - Phys 151 Lab 5 Mirror Mirror on the Wall Whos the...

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