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Sample Final Answer Key - Phys 151 F04 Name Final Exam...

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Phys 151 F04 Final Exam Answer Key Name: Signature: Sect: Except for the extra-credit questions where you must give two- or three-sentence answers, you should choose the single-best answer for each of the multiple-choice questions and enter it in the space before each. [ D ] 1. A ball is shot from a spring and rolls up and down a ramp (as shown). The plot that best represents its velocity while on the ramp versus time is ……. A B C D E F G H A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E F. F G. G H. H [ F,G ] 2. Which plot best represents the displacement of the ball of the previous question? A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E F. F G. G H. H [ E ] 3. If the following stroboscopic dots represent the motion of a fly in a straight line, where was it moving fastest? A B C D E F A. Between A and B B. Between B and C C. Between C and D D. Between D and E E. Between E and F
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[ A ] 4. Romeo is on the roof of a building that is 20 m high. He spies Juliet standing directly below him at the front door clutching a cloth bag. He calls out to her to hold the bag open so that he can drop a juicy cantaloupe into it. He knows that the bag can withstand a cantaloupe that is traveling at no more than 10 m/s, anything moving faster will tear a hole in the bag. Can he drop the cantaloupe safely into the bag? A. No, he just cannot do it. B. Yes, by throwing it downwards at 10 m/s. C. Yes, by dropping it from rest. D. Yes, by throwing it vertically upwards at 10 m/s. [ E ] 5. A 0.05-kg bullet traveling at 120 m/s tears into a slab of thick wood. The wood exerts a constant retardation (negative acceleration) of magnitude 8000 m/s 2 . How long will it take the bullet to come to a stop? A. 0 s
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Sample Final Answer Key - Phys 151 F04 Name Final Exam...

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