Sample Lab 1 Report

Sample Lab 1 Report - velocity means the displacement from...

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Title of Lab Date of Lab Example: Lab I April 2007 Gongming Song – recorded data, figured out the graphs Jessica Simpson – did calculations & helped with the graphs
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Part 1. Introduction: Give a general explanation of what you did in this part of the lab. Apparatus: None. For example: In this lab we acted out velocity and displacement graphs. Then we had to create velocity and displacement graphs…. . etc…. Answer any questions asked in the lab write up. For each graph in a few sentences explain why your graph is correct: Example: Constant
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Unformatted text preview: velocity means the displacement from a point is constantly increasing, so it is a line with a slope. . etc Graph I. Draw your graph and give it a title Graph II. Draw your graph & title it. Part II. Introduction: In this part of the lab we measured. .etc Apparatus: Meter Ruler. Data Chart: Jack Data is put in a chart Gongming Jessica Any questions asked in the lab, show calculations and explain in a sentence or two why your answer is correct. Example: I had to convert from meters to yards in order for my answer to be in the correct units....
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Sample Lab 1 Report - velocity means the displacement from...

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