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Sample Pop Quiz 2 - Phys 151 F04 Pop Quiz 8 [ A ] 1. A...

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Phys 151 F04 Pop Quiz 8 [ A ] 1. A 0.1-kg block is sitting on the edge of a horizontal turntable, a distance 0.5 m away from its center. If the maximum frictional force between the block and the table has been determined to be 2N, what is the maximum speed with which you can turn the table before the block begins to slide? (Remember, one turn for the block is equal to the circumference of the circle that it describes during the motion.) A. about 1 turn per second B. about 2 turns per second C. about 3 turns per second [ E ] 2. You push horizontally on a 1-kg block sitting on a 1-m high flat table and move it 1 m straight to the right. Then, you turn around and push it horizontally back to its original position. How much work in Joules have you done on the block? A. 0 B. 1 C. 10 D. 20 E. It depends upon what force you apply. Phys 151 F04 Pop Quiz 9 [ A ] 1. You are riding a roller coaster (shown schematically above) from the starting point S to the end point E. Where are you traveling at the second fastest speed among the points shown? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) E F) none of the previous [ A ] 2. You and a friend, who is twice as heavy as you are, are standing motionless at the middle of a roller-skating rink. You push one another and begin to roll apart. Your momentum is 450 kg.m/s to the
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Sample Pop Quiz 2 - Phys 151 F04 Pop Quiz 8 [ A ] 1. A...

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