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ECE 301 Signals and Systems, Course Reference Number (CRN): 17726 MWF 10:30–11:20am Classroom: Neil Armstrong Hall of Engr 1010 http://www.ece.purdue.edu/ chihw/10ECE301F/10ECE301F.html Prof. Chih-Chun Wang Email: [email protected] Office: MSEE354 Office Hours: MWTh: 11:30am–12:20pm TA: Daniel Aguiar, Email: [email protected] Office: MSEE 386H Office Hours: MT: 4-5pm WTh: 3–5pm Goal: Work together and learn various techniques of analysis and design of linear signals, systems, and their applications. General format : – Homework: The homework is scheduled on a weekly base and each contains 8–12 questions. In general, HW questions will be posted every Monday and due next Wednesday (9 days later). The solutions will be posted within 2 days after the due date. Collaboration is highly encouraged, but each student must write and turn in their own homework. – Team projects: There will be two team-based homework projects in the end of the semester. Each team consists of 2–3 students. A 4-student team is not allowed, neither is a single-student team. Please start to find your teammates as early as possible. – Suggested exercises: Suggested exercises are for practice only. There is no need to turn in suggested exercises. The solutions of suggested exercises will not be posted. You are welcome to discuss those questions with TA or with the instructor. – Regular help sessions: In addition to the office hours of the TA and the instructor, regular evening help sessions will be held weekly by TA: Every Wednesday: 7-8pm. Location: Physics 110. 1
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– Exams: There will be three midterms evenly spaced throughout the semester. Midterm 1: Wed 09/08, 6:30–7:30pm, EE 170. Coverage: Simple calculus, computation of complex numbers, the arithmetic and geometric series, and the materials covered in the first two weeks. Midterm 2: Wed 10/13, 6:30–7:30pm, EE 170. Midterm 3: Wed 11/17, 8:00–9:00pm, WTHR 172. – Grading: Homework — 10%. The score of the lowest midterms will be dropped. The other two will count for 25% and 25% each. Final — 40%. – Letter grade system: This section of ECE301 uses the traditional letter grade system, not the plus/minus system. The grading system of Prof. Wang’s section may be different from that of Prof. Pollak’s section. – Grade statistics for the previous offerings: The student grades are as- signed independently for each semester. For your information only, in the previous offerings roughly 20% of the entire class got A, 30% of the entire class got B, 25% of the entire class got C, and 15% of the entire class got D. The average GPA was around 2.4.
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