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Meaghan Dolan SocWork 206: Section 308 Social Policy Review Paper Hillary Clinton: Child Poverty Giving Every Child a Chance: Hillary Clinton's Plan to Reduce Child Poverty Found on Hillary for President ( ) Source is a press release Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is offering an extensive package to help end child poverty if she wins the vote. With 12.9 million children currently living in poverty, with no help from the Bush Administration, Clinton understands the necessity to spearhead this problem so that these children may have a brighter future than what they might currently receive. Hillary's plan will create a $1 billion Child Opportunity Fund – a plan to help encourage and invest in innovative programs to reduce child poverty. Along with this Clinton has set a goal to end child hunger by 2012. To do this Clinton proposes fixing the food stamp program, doubling the summer feeding program, having a universal school-breakfast program for low-income communities, as well as getting rid of junk foods in schools so that children can have a healthy, nutritious meal. Clinton plans on launching a huge Zero-to-Five Education and Family support plan educating at-risk-mothers and extending childcare and pre-K programs to make them more accessible to working class families. Clinton realizes that children are not the only target of the program. In order to truly help the children we're going to have to help the parents as well. To address this problem Hillary plans to help strengthen unions, raise the minimum wage and creating a third tier on the Earned Income Tax Credit so that families with more 3 or more
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SocPolRev - Meaghan Dolan SocWork 206: Section 308 Social...

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