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20) In the sentence beginning "There were times" (lines 58-63), the speaker employs all of the following EXCEPT a) concrete diction b) parallel syntax c) simile d) understatement e) onomatopoeia simile: “whistled like tenpenny nails, buzzed like a saw, wheezed like the asthma of Hercules, trumpeted like an enraged African elephant. ..”. Also simile after simile. “buzzed” and more for onomatopoeia concrete diction used to perceive something with the 5 senses definetely not understated, creates a strong rythym leading to the point 21) In the passage, the drunk, the jazz musicians, and the singer share which of the following? a) an inability to identify with others b) an intense application to a single activity c) a concern more with individuality than with tradition d) an ambivalent feeling about their roles in life e) a desire for popular approval the drunk made it clear he did not seek to be approved of: “he would shout to the whole wide world one concise command, 'Shut up!'” (lines 6-7)
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