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Ivan Ivanov I Want a Wife Alright, well for a start, the title of this short piece says it all. I Want a Wife is simply a name for the list the author came up with featuring the “traits” of a wife. The constant repetitiveness of “I want a wife” is essentially what makes this seem like a piece; after a while, the phrase in my mind began to transform into a numbering system for each trait. To me, it seems as though what Brady was attempting to do was degrade men. Degrade men by showing how insensitive they are, most likely from her own personal experiences with marriage. The reason why I believe this is because the 'list' goes from traits of home-care, to social care, to physical care, to sexual care. Each of these traits is responsible for the personality of a human, and so in stating
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Unformatted text preview: how a husband takes this away from a woman, he takes away her right as a human. Every now and again, the 'selfishness' emerges in passages like “and not interrupt when I talk about things that interest me and my friends”. What this infers is that husbands pay to attention to the wife's interests, assuming that their only 'interest' is in caring for the family. Also, the grammar in the passage is off, as “me and my friends” is an improper expression. What this meant is that since Brady is writing from a “husband's” point of view, she can write carelessly, showing no intellect in grammar, which in turn infers how the husband becomes reliant on the wife in ways like “a wife who types my papers for me” (meaning the wife is the one who produces the final, proper draft of what the husband says)....
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