Mark Twain - Ivan Ivanov Pearson, AP Lang &...

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Unformatted text preview: Ivan Ivanov Pearson, AP Lang & Comp 7 Mark Twain autobiography In this excerpt from Twain's autobiography, I decided to focus on the irony of his statements. The first irony that Mark Twain brings up is one that he acknowledges himself, being that incidents of no consequence and not worth embalming (659). What he claims here is that he's recalling elements of little significance from his life, 50 or so years ago. Ironically however, these insignificant events have found their way into his autobiography a whole five decades later. Twain acknowledges this however, noting that a person's memory has no more sense than his conscience and no appreciation whatever of values and proportions. I guess this is ironic, even though he knows that the event shouldnt been forgotten, it was his conscience choice to to actually include it on his autobiography. The next contradiction in his words comes from his description of his feelings about the mesmerizer. Mainly, he states that (since he's faking, and feels bad when people seem to see it) mesmerizer....
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Mark Twain - Ivan Ivanov Pearson, AP Lang &...

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