Mother Tongue pt.2 (revision)

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Ivan Ivanov Mother Tongue purpose To me, the main purpose of this piece is to prove that English is English, and no matter how it changes with culture, it remains the same. It still provides the same “intent, passion, imagery, rhythms, and thoughts”. The quality of the written English reflects on how well the idea is communicated, not how it is communicated. This is exactly why Tan brings up the test. All the test proves is that you have some brains. It does not prove that you can really write something meaningful, something from the mind and heart alike. I myself can apply myself to this as I've had the same issue as the author's mother Freshman year when my teacher always pointed out that my sentences were mall-formed, often being too long, run-on. The reason for this was simple – I'm Russian. When I think of ideas, I often think of
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Unformatted text preview: the in Russian first, and my words are usually a direct translation; or at least when I read it, it looks perfectly fine to me. Even with this, however, my teacher understood exactly what I was saying, meaning that my point got across as I wanted it. Overall, aside from school requirements, good English is not well-written when it is complex or accurate. It can be ten times more meaningful and beautiful it it simply proves it's intent, even if it is in a simple manner. So to wrap it up, the intent of Tan's piece was to prove that complexity is pointless if it proves the same intent as it could have if it were simply. After-all, I got all this from a simply written piece, did I not?...
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