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Ivan Ivanov Mother Tongue Well, understanding this piece was most certainly easy for me as I too, grew up with two different 'englishes'. The fact is, that Amy Tan wrote this in such a way that exactly proved her point in the false assumption that English has to be 'complicated' in order to be beautiful, to be filled with “intent, passion, imagery, and rhythms”. The intent of the piece does not change, no matter how you twist the setup. Tan could have written this short narrative directed composition in a much more philosophical matter, going with statements that sound intellectual, but really have to place like “that was my mental quandary in its nascent state”. But what she did was write in a 'simple' language. What it really was though, is a a direct outlook on the world as it is. When you look at the world, you do not
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Unformatted text preview: analyze it with a metaphorical mind. You simply see it as it is. So when she says “the talk was going well enough, until I remembered one major difference”, she literally simply means that as she saw it. It doesn't need to be “as the discussion progressed into a philosophical debate of words, I withdrew the fact that there seemed to be a great conflict”. There is not need for that in life. Life is pretty simple, we simply bend it to see who's smarter, who can manipulate simply things to sound smart. Also, I'd like to quickly point out the use of “fortunately” several times in the last few paragraphs. Their greatest meaning seems to simply point out that she did, in fact, cherish what she has come to know about English. She values what she has achieved in the cultures of both her ancestors, and that of the her current environment....
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