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Plymouth - important it was in their lives “prayer they...

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Ivan Ivanov Mr. Pearson AP Lang & Comp 7 Of Plymouth Plantation At first glance, this piece is strongly focused on religion. Knowing that the pilgrims came to the New World seeking freedom of religion, it is understood that this is common. However, it seems as though everything that is done in this piece was ordained by God himself. Be it good or bad. God is the cause of all events. For example, this first appears when God punishes a young lad “ [God] curses light on his own head, and it was an astonishment to all his fellows for they noted it to be the just hand of God upon him.” This sotrngly implies the current fears of the time, such as boasting leading to hell and other sins of similar venue. Another notable mention of religion comes when the author brings up how
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Unformatted text preview: important it was in their lives; “prayer they prepared for breakfast”. This simply shows how religion was first and foremost, done with the break of day and the death of light. Similarly, he mention of the good providence of God, and how “it pleased God to vanquish their enemies and give them deliverance”. To me though, the most important passage comes in the end, when he portrays the Indians “as special [instruments] sent of God”. What this implies is that because they do not follow the Christian cause, they are not human beings, greatly reducing their respect....
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