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Reading Journal Critical Reflection - Ivan Ivanov Mr...

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Ivan Ivanov Reading Journal Critical Reflection Seeing as this reflection is to focus on my ability to write about my writing, there are a few things I wish to mention. In general, what I have discovered over the course of this semester is that my writing became gradually more direct; meaning that the thesis was proven more effectively, and did not venture upon conflicting ideas which contradicted my own words. Also, it was interesting to take note that although indeed, there is a progressive pattern in my writing, the one particular journal which I consider my best was at the beginning of class; not where you would normally see the climax of someone's skill. To better understand what I mean by “my writing gradually became more direct”, it is best to look at a few examples of that writing. In essentially my third journal, based on the essay I Want a Wife , for example, I state that my purpose in the journal is to prove “that Brady was attempting to. .. degrade men”. This is a good, relevant thesis which can be well proven with the words provided by the author, and I actually stay on point until towards the end I steadily drift away to say “Every now and then 'selfishness' emerges in passages like. ..”. Although this too, is a relevant topic, it contradicts what I am talking about in the thesis. Has I stated something in the form of “the author's flow in the paper brings to the reader several upcoming themes”, that statement would have been sufficient proof; but seeing as my intent was to show that the author “degrades” men, going on to talk about the theme of “selfishness” shows how incapable I was of staying upon one thesis at the beginning of the year. This sharp contrast between beginning and end is evident if you compare the aforementioned to my later journal based on Emerson's Self-Reliance . Right off the bat, I begin this journal in claiming “conflict and struggle allow an individual to grow”. Again, like the previous, this is a good concept which can be
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Reading Journal Critical Reflection - Ivan Ivanov Mr...

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