The Way to Rainy Mountain

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Ivan Ivanov The Way to Rainy Mountain The meaning of this story first struck me as a journey back through the Kiowa history. Back through the time of his grandma, to the time when all had just begun. It is a platform that reflects Momaday's own background, sense of purpose and subsequent approach to the subject. He begins by Momaday begins his book by acquainting his audience with the Kiowa's past. He tells of how the Kiowa migrated in the early 18th century from the headwaters of the Yellowstone River eastward to the Black Hills and south to the Wichita Mountains. It is there, says Momaday, that “a single knoll rises out of the plain. ..which serves as a landmark for the homeland of the Kiowas, to which. ..they gave the name. ..Rainy Mountain.” At this point in the narrative that Momaday begins to stray from convention by revealing the allegorical nature of his text. He informs us that in the course of that long migration had come of age as a people. They had conceived a good idea of themselves; they
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