Summer homework - Ivan Ivanov 2010 Summer Wright: APUSH, 4...

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Ivan Ivanov 2010 Summer Wright: APUSH, 4 Section I Book Review A. For this section, I chose to read The Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis. Concerning his point of view, I feel that he told the story of the Founding Fathers from a historians point of view, but in order to appeal to younger readers, he created a story-like frame, which took your mind off of the fact that you were in fact, reading a historical document. As for bias, Ellis used the introduction of the novel to point out that he did all he could in order to cross-check and correct any historical faults. What's more, is that since he covered all the Founding Fathers, he ensured that all sides of the story were covered, and thus I will take his for the fact that bias was excluded. B. I believe that what Ellis was trying to achieve with this novel was to show that our country's greatest worries did not come from the British regime, but the countries welfare after we had already overcome the fight for independence. I say so because many a time did he remind the reader of the struggle between the Fathers to achieve a perfect government at a time at which the country could collapse any day. So as a general statement, what he led me to believe about this subject was that America's struggles to form a perfect government are the main roots that gave rise to the powerful nation America is today. And yes, he did achieve in doing so, because I could not find a single flaw to his logic, and the vigor with which he intended to pursuit a historical re-occurrence, I really think that he brought back to life the very foundation of America. C. Since he aimed for a historically, the novel is ample with facts. For instance, I found it intriguing that John Adams and Alexander Hamilton were both Federalists, and yet they were far from friends. But I also saw a greater meaning behind the title when I realized his emphasis on this. What I was that instead of being Fathers, each of separate blood, Ellis meant each Founder to be a brother, creating a family. The reason why I think he did this was because even though some of the Founders rejected each other, all each wanted was to create a government that would last, rather than sabotage each other (which is what I saw it as before). And so in truth, it was the constant opposition and many challenges that led to the many near flawless factors that make America the country it is today. For example, had Hamilton had no 'Brothers' to oppose his Federal Bank idea, then the resulting project would have most likely collapsed within a few year. But with the evident cross-checking that occurred between Alexander and his challengers, the result is a Federal Bank that has so far stood the test of time. On an amusing note, neither did I know that Hamilton died in a 'meeting' with Burr (I always thought that that was a European and Western thing). Or that honor was still a great praise when his son died in a 'meeting' protecting his (Hamilton's) honor.
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Section II Historical Site Visitation
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Summer homework - Ivan Ivanov 2010 Summer Wright: APUSH, 4...

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